In-between in March

I have more questions than answers.
I’m floating somewhere in between
March 8th and March 31st, stuck on the thought
of how a 24-hour period could be efficient
to celebrate the nuances of identities.
In between is always where I seem to be hovering.
In between two nationally recognized days and
in between two postcolonial assigned genders.
In between two states two times over;
living in between Arkansas and New York,
which complicates my access to healthcare
because of state regulations and practitioner
licenses, and in between two states of being,
for neither locations accommodates the complexities
of my identity; passing as legible for these
systems is what keeps me the safest socially,
but not always the safest in my own state of wellness.
This constant re-situating of state is a complex reality
for those living outside of what is assumed to be “normalcy”
(see: transgender, non-white, neurodivergent,
disabled and all intersections in between).

So where does visibility come into the conversation?
What does it mean to mark a single day out of 365
to celebrate the experience of being a Woman,
or a day to celebrate Trans visibility?
How can the complications within the notion of visibility be dissected?
What will it take to recognize the intricacies of nuanced experience?
How can awareness come into play outside of the constructs of time?

I want to know about your experience in the grey area,
and I want to tell you about mine.